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Information on Exhibition and Sales at Hamamatsu Science Museum

『Zero Gravity Table?』is on display and for sale at Hamamatsu Science Museum
”Museum Shop” 1st floor.
You can "see", "touch", and “buy” only at Hamamatsu Science Museum.
Both children and adults can enjoy themselves there.
If you stop there, please feel free to enjoy playing『Zero Gravity Table?』!

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Hamamatsu Science Museum


Hamamatsu Science Museum
Museum Shop
Selling goods and books that support the challenge of exploration and creativity.
We support the challenge of exploration and creativity with a large selection of
goods and books that expand interest in science, tools, and teaching materials such as
experiments, crafts, observations, and programming.
We also sell products that convey Hamamatsu's technology and manufacturing, as well as
original goods that can only be purchased at the Hamamatsu Science Museum.