SOLIDWORKS Implementation

We conducted a 6-month program with CAD operative training, 3D designing, and production
processing to our employees, resulting in the company to successfully reduce its construction labour
to 1/3.

Consulting for Various Manufacturers

In addition to running basic technology lectures, we assist in cultivating quality, practical thinking.
We also practically introduce the stance of a maker to employees.

Customised Signboard Systems

We proposed and designed a customised signboard system which imbeds a mechanism system.

Custom-Designed Vending Machines

We built an interactive vending machine that provides fresh-cut flowers while maintaining the liveliness of them.

Custom Printer Designs

We developed a flatbed system to print on devices that are 100kg, 190mm width using a pre-made
UV printer.

Proposal and Design of Solar panel installation systems

We proposed ideas on how to build solar panels in unused places with area-efficient designs.

Company Optional Product Development and Support

We are currently assisting design teams from many large companies to help develop challenging
optional products.