FPS-01“Plates for Spray Bottle Installation for Hi-hat Stand”

It can be used as a sanitizer dispenser by attaching it to your hi-hat stand and
setting the alcohol spray bottle.

FPS-02“Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser System Pedal DE Shu!”

≪Not only≫ stand type but also multifunctional type.
It can be set anywhere such as a table. It can also be set to a tripod.

FPS-02S“FPS-02 with a Dedicated Stand”

We finally devised a dedicated stand for Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser System
FPS-02 Pedal DE Shu that have been recievevd good news!
Easy to assemble! Excellent stability!!

TST-01“Zero Gravity Table?”

We produced a small table that applies tensegrity structure.
It is made by the tension balance between the spring and the chain.
It’s up to you to use it.

TST-02“Tensegrity Object”

Must-see for cat lovers=^_^=
A cute object born from the tensegrity structure!

TST-03“Mini Zero Gravity? Table”

A small table assembly kit that applies the tensegrity structure.
Try assembling while feeling the tension balance.
Made of acrylic and can be used in various ways!