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Urgent News by President Shinji Morifuji

Please give us your cooperation!! (Representative: Shinji Morifuji)

I run a small mechanical design office in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
This time, I made a palm-sized guitar amp『TA-440』as you can see by watching the uploaded video.
There is no similar product in the world, so I'm not sure if that will sell.
However, I believed that there are a lot of people who want this kind of the amp.
This is a product that I really wanted too.
The goal is to collect about 4.5 million yen for about 8,000 yen each.
Since the initial investment of the metal mold is required, it cannot be made only with 100 pieces.
It's all-or-nothing, so if our target amount of money is not collected, it’s finish.
If the end result is“Nothing”, there is no amp that I can make. This project will be over.
Everyone please, if you guys are interested in at all it, please cooperate.
This is a big challenge at a small company in Hamamatsu.
I'm serious about development of the product, so I finally made a good one.
It actually sounds good. It is a full analog completely original circuit.
I'm not doing it with jokes or targeting material.
Spreading is welcome.
If you know someone who is interested in electric guitar, please let him/or her know.
Detailed information will be sent later, so if you are interested,
please register on our official LINE at the link below.

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Thank you!
Please support my challenge!