Ultra Compact Speaker with Amp“TinyAMP TA-440”

"Ultra Compact Speaker with Amp TinyAMP TA-440"

New product "Ultra Compact Speaker with Amp TinyAMP TA-440" was born!

"Ultra Compact Speaker with AMP" that everyone actually wanted!
~Expanding many possibilities of electric guitar~
You can easily enjoy the real sound with just the electric guitar and TinyAMP "TA-440".
The output of up to 4W produces enough volume to turn your private space into a live stage.
Headphones are no longer needed in the "session with" situation with content on your PC or tablet!
It can be used not only for guitars, but also for aerophones, keyboards, and other musical instruments
and equipment. Enjoy a new music life with TinyAMP!!

*Dimensions 149x55x44㎜ 100g      *Direct plug-in to guitar (Φ6.35 plug)
*Output 4W
*USB rechargeable (USB microB terminal)
* Charging time (empty to full) :Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
* Continuous operation time Approximately 6 hours
※Based on continuous operation evaluation at eighth note tempo 180 (When using CLEAN mode)
and metronome voice mode at maximum note by using ALESIS SAMPLE PAD PRO.
Note: The operating time varies depending on the conditions.