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Technician Dispatchment

As of November 2018, we offer technician dispatchment services (General 22-300984)

■Machine Designers
■CAD Operators
■Graphic Designers
■Assembly Worker
Please contact us for other contract worker such as Design Evaluation Analysists etc.
We will dispatch highly experienced and knowledgeable staff members.

Provision of information on margin rate, etc.

Provision of information based on Article 23,
Paragraph 5 of the Act on Securing Proper Operation of Worker Dispatch Businesses
and Protection of Dispatched Workers

◆Dispatch fees, etc.◆

Dispatched workers *As of June 1, 2023  1 person
Number of destinations *Annual number of companies  2 companies
Margin rate   57.8%
Average dispatch fee *8 hours per day calculation  ¥31,600
Average Wages of Dispatched Workers *8 hours per day calculation  ¥13,334
Presence or absence of a labor-management agreement
    possession(Expiration of validity period of agreement:Until March 31, 2024
    subject:all temporary workers
Career consulting consultation desk   053-544-5251

◆Matters concerning education and training(Main education and training)◆